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A few things to think of when planning your garden
Who is the garden for?, Who will use it?
For the garden itself, these are the most important question you can ask. You have probably heard it before, but the garden can add another room or even several rooms to your house. This is true, whether your garden is a small balcony, a concrete backyard, a narrow strip or acres of land.

Your space?: Is it to relax in?, for kids to play in?, both?. Is it to be vibrant or restful?, low maintenance or a garden you can get your hands dirty in?.


  • Consider: sand boxes, very shallow pools, fountains or sprays, area to run and play, dens and corners to hide.
  • Avoid: poisonous berries and plants, deep water, thorny plants, hard edges e.g sharp angles, edges or corners of brick or concrete, steep drops.

Elderly, infirm or diabled:

  • Consider: individual's requirements, accessability, maintenance (maybe raised beds are easier to care for), scented plants, textures, low pollen.
  • Avoid: gravel paths which are difficult if not impossible for wheelchairs, steep drops, stairs.

Do you have a theme?:

  • A special place or holiday: Mediterrean, Cottage, Woodland, Japanese, Beach, Rocky, Cool, Water,
  • A favourite style: Formal, Contemporary, Traditional, Futuristic, Surreal or a Mixture.
  • A favourite colour: Pure Whites, Fiery Reds, Luscious Greens, one colour or a complete mixture.
  • A favourite plant: Azaleas, Roses, Unusuals, Bold Structural Shapes, Tropical Flowers, Edible...
Take time to look around your neighbourhood to see plant species or cultivars which grow well. Seek inspiration, from everywhere: gardens, TV, magazines. What have you seen before that you liked or loved?.
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