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Environmental Policy (Brief Summary)

Alexander-Seacovelandscape provide landscape services. We use 'landscape' in the broadest sense to encompass the art of landscaping for garden or leisure environments, but also in the wider environment, with wild and cultivated vegetation.

We strive to provide a service with ecology and the environment at its core. On our team we have a professional ecologist and every effort is made to source and use products more ecologically soundly. In garden work this includes complete avoidance of, or reduced usage of: peat composts; high input/high waste products; invasive exotic species; inorganic fertilisers etc... We aim to restrict the use of, and effectively target chemicals whether pestcides, fertilisers or protective coatings (where their use is required) and to ethically source materials whether stone, mulch or wood. We provide ecological and conventional services, but if it suits you and the products are available, the ecological option will take priority.

This ecological policy in based on experience and knowledge of ecological processes, and working with balancing the many frequently conflicting demands which such management brings. We focus on sustainability & biodiversity. Where possible and appropriate we utilise materials, suppliers and resources with recycling, reuse, fair trade, preserving & restoring species diversity, bio- & photo- degradation and waste reduction.