Professional horticultural & ecological, plant and vegetation services for the garden, park, field and wild landscapes
Garden Design & Landscaping:
Landscape Consultancy & Services:
the creation of beds & borders, garden features
vegetation management & ecological assessment
ponds, decks, fencing and paving or for plans
of landscapes and habitats & advice for land
planting & supply lists, inspiration & advice
management, studies. surveys and trials
designs showing several options for clientlarge deck construction
climate room experiments with lychnis flos-cuculiglasshouse mesocosm experiments with 7 grassland species, cutting and mycorrhiza
Horticultural Advice:
Services to manage land to encourage biodiversity
onsite consultancy on best horticultural
Restoration, invasive species control and
practice with an eye to ecological matters
introduction of natives. Site surveys and studies
motrea rose work and experiment on the formation of green heart
dutch valley system grassland
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more? email
Ecological & Horticultural Events & Organisations:
Contact details:
National Trust
Landline & fax: 02891 452 433
Mobile: 07977 356 547
Ulster Wildlife Trust
Web: www.seacovelandscape.co.uk
& www.seacovelandscape.com
Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust
BT Directory & Yellow Pages: (Belfast, Northern Ireland)
Environment & Hertitage Service
under Landscapers, Garden Designers & Environmental Consultants
Conservation Volunteers Northern Ireland
also see Yell.com
Other: MS Society & Action MS
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