Garden & Land services:
Contact details & .com are provided by Alexander-Seacovelandscape. We offer both:
  • Fieldwork services for gardens & landscaping and vegetation & landscape management.
  • Online services, including a resource and information point ( see INFO menu in Leftframe) for those interested in landscapes, ecosystems, plants and gardens, and online advisory for plant ecological and horticultural services (please explore the gardens & vegetation sections or contact us via email with your query.
Landline: 02891 452 433 (U.K. International Code = +44, and drop the 0 on 02891)
Fax: 02891 452 433
Mobiles: 07977 356 547 (Dr. Michael McDonnell)
We are frequently in the field or on the road so please leave a message if you get the answerphone and we will get back to you a.s.a.p.
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Where and Who
We are based in North Down, County Down, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom. We are a small business comprised of qualified (B.Sc., M.Sc. Ph.D), professional and experienced people with wide ranging experience in the fields of plants & horticulture, ecology & natural landscapes, aquatic life & fisheries. Years of experience with gardens, design & landscaping. Scientifically trained in horticultural science and ecology, with international experience, and field experienced in plant, fish, bird & wildlife study, making a co-operative of self-employed skilled professionals & workers.We primarily work in North & Mid County Down and Southern CountyAntrim, Northern Ireland, U.K. Previous work has also been carried out in Monaghan, (ROI) and in Scotland with regards Landscaping and other Gardening work. Ecological work, study and teaching has been carried out in the UK, The Netherlands and other EU countries, and South America. Alexander- Seacovelandscape has a local base but through the Internet has also a national and international focus.
The Netherlands (nederlands gesproken)
A country where, when it comes to crops and horticulture, ecological awareness and research, there are few countries that can compete. English is spoken in the Netherlands, but being able to gain access to Dutch literature or to communicate with the Dutch in their language, is always preferable. We can open the Netherlands to you, get you the info, source out and establish contact with companies for you.
Whatever your plant needs, whether your garden or in the field, we will endeavour to make it happen. We deal in all aspects of plants in our lives, no matter who you are, amateur to professional, individual to company, we can help with matters relating to plants in horticulture, ecology and agriculture, from scientific research or commercial, through literature or field and garden work.