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On-Site Advice & Ideas with estimate & basic plans

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Garden Design service:

get a design plan to meet your requirements. Wild to tropical gardens, traditional to funky styles.


Landscaping - from small ponds and patios to large garden redesigns:

advice, design & landscaping for ponds, planting, decks, paving, soil treatment etc...All your landscaping needs!

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Peter Alexander has over the last 10 years specialized on the practical and technical aspects of horticulture, vegetation and land management. Expert in timber & masonary work he has carried out hundreds of jobs in landscaping. He has over twenty years experience in the fisheries industries and has worked extensively with fresh and salt water life, whether fish, crustaceans and plantlife. Familiar with the habitat requirements of species and the pressures upon them across Ireland. Many years working in particularly Strangford Lough as well as along coasts, rivers and fresh water loughs. He has a vast knowledge of our water systems and the practical matters involved in conserving and utilising these resources. Construction, ponds, fish and water quality are key specialities.

Michael Alexander, B.Sc.(HONS) in Horticulture from the University of Strathclyde, Scotland, in association with the Scottish Agricultural College. He has worked and studied propagation techniques in rose production (Agricultural University of Wageningen, The Netherlands); Fungal attack and systemic induced resistance in barley; Crop production of tomatoes and other fruit, ornamental and vegetable crops (Scotland). Over 20 years of experience in plants, plant selections, gardening and garden design and first hand experience of the horticultural industry and nursery trades. Over 6 years landscaping and through these and other works, experience and training has been gained in experimental design (controlled environment, glasshouse, garden & field) and statistical analysis (in horticultural and ecological contexts), mycorrhizal assessment, herbaria use, garden design, media, IPM, niches, microclimates and growth conditions, vegetation dynamics, fertilizers & nutrient dynamics and community ecology. Plants, Horticulture and Ecological matters are key specialities.

We work with several other trained and skilled self-employed colleagues specialized in tree surgery, environmental toxicity and various other skills and trades.

Photographs & Brief details of projects/work see previous work (left column for gardens and landscaping and right column of images for horticultural and ecological research). Ecological experience see Vegetation Ecological Research summary
Contruction of a large deck
former Plant Trials Experimental Garden
L arge pond, tub water feature and a rock lined stream